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Lisa & Jason

After working a 40 hour work week at my day job, I had a session on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! No off day this week. Surprisingly I am still feeling energized so far this week (Will I crash? Possibly). I have known Lisa since I first moved to Chattanooga and she interviewed me to work at Sephora! I loved working there and made several life-long friends, Lisa included. She told me this shoot was Jason's idea, and I love that! It is usually hard to get men to open up in front of the camera but he and Lisa both did so well. They were constantly laughing and smiling and you can truly see their happiness! But, speaking of my day job, I am on my work computer posting this and I have to log in soon. I hope you enjoy these photos, and this creative busy weekend was recharging to my mental health so keep them coming please!


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