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Lamisha and I used to work together at Sephora back in the day! She is super fabulous and fun to be around so of course I was so excited when she contacted me to do her graduation photos. On top of working a full time day job and doing freelance makeup on the weekends, she is soon graduating with a communications degree! Beauty and brains. She ROCKED these photos with head to toe fierceness and her makeup looked fantastic. (She used ABH Jackie Aina palette on her eyes if anyone was wondering!) Lamisha's mom tagged along and she was the best assistant ever. She is about to retire and I may have to steal her next time I need an assistant! Thank you so much Lamisha and CONGRATS!

This sweet family is so special to me! I photographed Bri & Mark's engagement photos last fall, then flew to Austin to photograph their wedding in March! It was a dream. They both are so photogenic and little Theo is already taking after them! The fall colors were bright and bold at Paris Landing State Park and made for a gorgeous backdrop for their family portraits. We got some lovely shots of Theo breastfeeding; this is the third shoot where I have been able to capture breastfeeding and I would LOVE to do more! Bri & Mark are really knocking this parenting thing out of the park. Thank you guys!

As I ran from my truck to the cabin where the girls were getting ready, rain pouring, I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get any outside shots like Randi and I both had hoped. Luckily the weather gods were on our side and it cleared off for most of the afternoon! The rain clouds made for a lovely sky backdrop for photos, while the barn was decorated beautifully for the ceremony and reception. I think we all got a little damp from the rain at some point, but the whole wedding day ran smoothly. Everything from the wedding party to the venue looked fantastic!

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