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My goal is to help you feel confident and love yourself.

Hey there!!

I'm Becca Paschall

I am the owner and founder of Laidbacklizard, LLC. Helping people feel good about themselves is my jam. Count on me to be your personal hype girl whether I'm photographing you, applying your makeup, or recommending skincare and makeup products catered to you! I am often told that it is easy to feel comfortable around me, and I pride myself in that. I see the beauty in everyone and everything, and I'm so lucky to be able to bring my visions to the eyes of other people.

I call Chattanooga home but was born and raised in the west TN/KY area. I am a cat mom and a lover of all critters (especially possums and otters). My favorite coffee shop is Be Caffeinated where I frequently purchase their iced lattes. I share about my personal life (and random unhinged memes) on my Instagram and Facebook stories. 

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After taking a photography class in college, my love for photography somewhat fell in my lap. I offer portraits for seniors, maternity, couples, families, lifestyle, branding, conceptual art, and really anything else you can think of. I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications, and I learned the in's and out's of camera settings and editing software in my studies. I shoot with Nikon, and I would describe my style as vibrant and warm. I love bold color and experimenting with the sun and sun flares as well as prisms to create artistic effects.


Makeup Artistry

My obsession with makeup started at a young age from watching Youtube videos (they were and still are a great educator!). I loved applying makeup on friends for various events, and I collected lots of cool products anytime I could find a sale at the drug store. In college, I took a theatrical makeup class and learned special effects as well as beauty makeup. My dream as a teen was to work at Sephora, and I am proud to say that I did so for almost 2 years. I learned SO MUCH and became custom makeover certified. I offer makeup services for weddings, headshots, styled shoots, drag, and anything else you could think of. I have makeup application experience on a wide variety of skin tones, ages, and genders.



I am a founding member of Olive Tree People. The brand has been beloved in Europe for nearly 20 years, and launched in the US exclusively with a network marketing business model in the summer of 2023. Focused on the healing powers of the olive tree, OTP uses no added water and instead utilizes a bioactive olive leaf cell elixir, which increases the benefits of all the other ingredients in the products. The elixir contains loads of hydroxytyrosol, one of the most potent antioxidants on the planet. Whether you're looking for skincare, bodycare, or ingestibles, this brand has something for everyone!

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